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Calexico's City Manager issue

(What is Calexico’s next move?)….What are they doing about the City Manager situation?

What are the plans to maintain insurance coverage for the city? The next move in the City Manager saga is apparently the same as the last move. The City Council will vote on a proposed contract with interim City Manager Richard Warne. That vote is scheduled for the next Council meeting June 16th. Councilman Armanda Real had helped negotiate a proposed contract for Warne, but promptly changed his mind when the contract issue was brought before the City Council for a vote. Real has not explained the turn-around. He has, however, been quoted since the vote as saying he does not believe Warne is doing his job. Real has said in Social Media that Warne is responsible for trash in the City allies. He is also being quoted as saying it was up to the City Manager to come up with a Plan B to keep the city insured. The Joint Powers Insurance Authority has voted to cancel the liability and workers compensation insurance if a stable administration is not in place in Calexico by July 1st. Real and Councilman Luis Castro say it is Warnes responsibility to find an alternate insurance carrier. Warne, who has been working without a contract since December 1st, says that responsibility is on those opposed to the current carrier. Mayor John Moreno has agreed with Warne, adding it would be difficult to find a new carrier if the JPIA decides the city is too much of a risk to insure.