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Radio station wins appeal

(KGBA wins appeal)…The County Board of Supervisors heard the appeal Tuesday.

The Christian Radio Station operates under The Voice of International Christian Evangelism, Incorporated. They wanted to construct a 340 foot FM Antennae at a new location. The new location is on land owned by them and is on Highway 111, about a half mile from the current antennae location, which is on land they have been leasing. The current location is being sold. The County Planning Commission rejected the request that was opposed by the Local Farm Bureau and a group of local farmers and aerial applicators, who claimed the antennae was too high and the guy wires were a danger to crop dusters. KGBA changed the plans to eliminate the guy wires, but that did not satisfy the opponents. During the Public Hearing to hear the appeal of the Commission’s decision, KGBA had other farmers and aerial applicators testify there was no danger to crop dusters. The Supervisors heard all sides, then decided to grant the appeal, allowing KGBA to construct their new antennae at the new site.