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Chief responds to release of video

(Attorney’s obtain video of Charles Sampson Sr.’s arrest)….Sampson was in El Centro police custody in December 2013 when he died.

The Sampson family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the police department and the officers involved. Magistrate Judge David Bartick approved the release of police video of the night in question to the Law Firm representing the Sampson family. The law firm posted the video on YouTube. El Centro Police Chief Eddie Madueno has responded to the video. The Chief said the video was highly edited. Madueno said in his statement that on the evening depicted in the video Mr. Sampson ingested what the coroner’s report listed as a lethal amount of methamphetamine. The Chief says the forensic pathologist’s report indicated, in part, that Mr. Sampson had a history pf methamphetamine and cocaine usage and he suffered from an acute methamphetamine intoxication which resulted in his ultimate demise. The Chief said at no point while he was in custody did Mr. Sampson let the officers know he had ingested methamphetamine. In fact, the Chief says he over and over again stated he did not desire or request medical attention. The Chief said the loss of any life in situations such as these is tragic, no matter the circumstances, and the loss of Mr. Sampson’s life is no different.