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Supervisors approve McCabe request

(McCabe gets the go-ahead)…The District wants to construct evaporation ponds.

The County Board of Supervisors held a public hearing Tuesday to consider the request from the McCabe Union Elementary School District. Their request was to be able to construct 3 infiltration/evaporation ponds and eliminate discharge of treated wastewater into the Wildcat Drain. The District owns and operates a municipal wastewater treatment plant, providing treated water for McCabe Elementary and Corfman Middle Schools. The District is currently discharging treated water into the Wildcat Drain, a tributary to the New River. The purpose of the project is to eliminate water discharge by disposing of the treated effluent to ponds were tit would infiltrate into the ponds and evaporate into the air instead of discharging into the drain. The Supervisors agreed to a General Plan Amendment to allow for the ponds and a zone change for the land they are to be constructed on, from Agriculture/Rural to Government/Special Public.