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Salton Sea plans need to move forward

(Salton Sea Restoration)…There is finally movement.

And the state is involved. Positive news on the issue came earlier this month. On October 9th Governor Brown signed legislation authored by Assemblyman Edurardo Garcia. AB 1095 requires the National Resources Agency to report to the legislature by March 2016 a list of shovel-ready projects for the Salton Sea that will address the economic, environmental and public health consequences of the receding sea. Later in the month the County of Imperial participated in a workshop presented by the Natural Resources Agency regarding the restoration of the Salton Sea. The Agency introduced the Salton Sea management concept as part of its Salton Sea Strategic Vision and Action Plan to numerous federal, state and local stakeholders. Imperial County Board of Supervisors Chairman Ryan Kelley said the Governor’s actions are a direct result of all the hard work invested by local residents, stakeholders and agencies demanding action at the Salton Sea. Kelley said while this is encouraging, the Salton Sea must have the shovel-ready no regret projects move forward without delay and a long-term plan, which includes renewable energy funded by the state. Kelley said the county appreciates the efforts of assistant secretary Bruce Wilcox, in developing the Salton Sea Management Plan Concept and they look forward to working with him on developing a plan that meets the Governor’s entire objective for the Salton Sea.