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Agreement in Abatti lawsuit

(IID and former IID Director agree to end lawsuit)…..Mike Abatti filed the lawsuit against the Imperial Irrigation District in May.

The lawsuit alleged the Imperial Irrigation District relegates to farmers water that remains after others, such as municipal customers, get their share. The suit claimed the Equitable Distribution Plan was fundamentally flawed, that an annual apportionment of 5.45 acre-feet of water per acre is inherently inequitable in that it does not take into account some field’s historic water use. Abatti sat on the Water Advisory Committee that recommended the plan to the District. The agreement to halt the lawsuit Abatti does not recognize the enforceability of the terms of apportionment of water. On the District’s side, they do not recognize the validity of Abatti’s claims. Abatti will also receive the remainder of his water allotment and he will allow the District to enroll his business in the Equitable Distribution Plan.