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Starting in September, Ready Lanes to be open longer

(Ready Lane hours expanding)…It will happen right after Labor Day.

The Ready Lanes are available at the Calexico East Port of Entry. Beginning September 3rd, Customs and Border Protection says, the hours of operation for the Ready Lanes will be from 3:00 am until midnight Monday through Friday and 6:00 am to midnight on the weekends. This changes from the current hours of 6:00 am to midnight 7 days a week. The CBP says the expanded hours are in response to increased demand. Pete Flores, Director of Field Operations in the San Diego Region, says it is hoped the shorter wait times will continue to persuade others to obtain an RFID-enabled document. He said with more travelers using these documents, coupled with traffic optimization at the Port of Entry, they are ensuring travelers experience better efficiency through quicker processing times. The CBP says in July, 51% of all vehicle traffic at the East Port used the Ready Lanes. 13% used the SENTRI Lane. The said the Ready Lanes were about 20% faster than the general lanes.