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State and Federal agencies develop a plan to study the Salton Sea some more

(The Salton Sea needs to be studied some more)….That according to an interagency report released Tuesday.

The report provides a plan for long-term monitoring and assessment for the Salton Sea. They say monitoring of the Salton Sea ecosystem is critical for informed decision making and the success of restoration efforts. The monitoring and assessment plan was developed by a team including the Department of Water Resources, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Bureau of Reclamation, academia, and the US Geological Survey. The US Department of Interior says the plan is intended to provide the foundation for making progress on improvement of conditions on the Salton Sea. They say it will allow assessment of existing ecosystem projects as well as establishing a baseline against which the success of future activities, contributing to more effective and targeted environmental mitigation efforts. The focus will be on fish and wildlife habitat, and the effects of air quality as the result of reduced water levels. The full report is available on the USGD and DWR websites.