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IID and the Salton Sea

(The IID has a plan for the Salton Sea)…..Almost everybody has a plan to restore the inland Sea.

Most all the plans are enormously expensive, and few have any idea as to how they would pay for their restoration plan. Imperial Irrigation District Director James Hanks says the District has a funding plan. It sounds relatively simple. Hanks said this week the plan is to use renewable assets in and around the Salton Sea as a long-term funding source for restoration of the Salton Sea. The plan, in all its detail, is being put together by the District. The IID recently contracted with two communications consultants to educate the media and the general public on the plan. In other Salton Sea news, IID consultant David Nahai has informed the District that the UCLA Luscan Center has expressed an interest in a joint project with the Imperial Irrigation District on the Salton Sea. General Manager Kevin Kelley said Nahai will appear at a future IID Board meeting to detail the project. Nahai’s contract with the District was extended six months at the Board meeting this week.