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Million Dollar Drug Bust

An Imperial County Sheriff's deputy made a traffic stop Saturday that led to a $1 million drug seizure.

The incident occurred at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday in the Salton City area. The deputy saw a vehicle northbound on Hioghway 86 and observed numerous minor traffic violations. The deputy made a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver appeared nervous and made inconsistent statemnets to the deputy. A Border Patrol canine unit was called in and the dog alerted to the vehicle. The vehicle was taken back to the Highway 86 checkpoint where it was x-rayed. Anomalies were found in all four tires. The tires were cut open and a total of 50 pounds of black tar heroin and 32.9 pounds of methamphetamine was removed from the tires. The occupants of the vehicle , Saul Cabello , 21 , and Josue Aguirre , 18 , both of Mexicali , Baja California , were arrested.