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APCD confirms origin of smoke in the air

(APCO confirms source for smoky air)…Monday evening residents noticed a lot of smoke in the air.

A source for that smoke, however, was not known. Tuesday morning, Imperial County Air Pollution Control Officer Brad Poiriez confirmed KXO News reports that the smoke was from a fire on the Mexican Side of the border, near Tecate, Mexico. The wildfire began billowing smoke at around 4:30 Monday afternoon. Poiriez told the County Board of Supervisors that wind trajectory brought the smoke to Imperial County. He says this was shown through satellite imagery. Poiriez said his department immediately issued a No Burn announcement for the next few days in Imperial County. That means no agricultural burn permits will be issued until the APCD announces an official Burn Day. Poiriez said Burn Days in Imperial County are traditionally greatly reduced during this time of the year, and through the summer. That is not the practice in Mexicali. Poiriez said APCD representatives are currently in Mexicali negotiating with their counter-parts in Mexico to adopt a similar No Burn policy during the warmer months of the year.