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Severe storms Thursday

(Severe thunderstorm sweeps through the region)….The storm hit Thursday afternoon.

It continued until late in the evening. Effects were widespread. A flash flood was reported on Sunrise Highway in East San Diego County. In Imperial County flooding was reported in almost all communities and in the desert. Hardest hit was Imperial, Calexico, Winterhaven and north desert areas. Downed power poles were reported, along with down power lines. The Imperial Irrigation District has not reported any serious outages, however. Strong winds blew over trees, mostly in the Calexico area. Some trees fell on to parked vehicles. Portions of Highway 111 had to be closed. The California Highway Patrol says downed power lines near East Harris Road. Five vehicles were stuck in the area early in the morning. Old Highway 111 was closed from Worthington to Keystone, as well. Three big rigs were blown over. Portions of Highway 78 and Ogilby road remain closed, as well. There was a lot of damage, but no injuries reported as a result of the storm. Winds gusted up to 59 miles per hour in some places. Rain is reported to have ranged from 1.44 inches in Imperial to almost three inches in other areas. Mexicali and Yuma were also hard hit by the storm.