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Kim submits resignation

(Kim gives in)…Joong Kim had been elected to the Calexico Unified School Board.

He was later elected to the Calexico City Council. His problems arose when he refused to choose which entity he wanted to serve on. In fact, Kim adamantly claimed he would serve on both elected seats. The School Board protested, and asked the state Attorney for an opinion. That opinion was finally sent, and said it would be considered a conflict for any one person to serve on both the City Council and the School Board. After Kim refused to choose, the School Board filed legal action. Kim said he would fight the action in court, but this week changed his mind. Thursday Kim submitted a letter of resignation from the Calexico School Board. He reportedly hand delivered the resignation to the Imperial County Office of Education, and he sent a copy to the State Attorneys office. The decision now is how to fill Kim’s vacant seat on the seat, either by appointment or special election, or operate with one seat vacant until Kim’s term would have ended.