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A series of Lunar eclipses start this month

(A series of Lunar Eclipses)…They start this month.

There will be four lunar eclipses within the next two years. Officials say that will be one every six months or so. The first in the series will begin April 14th. The eclipse will begin at 9:55 that night, with full eclipse at just after mid-night. The event will end at 3:36 am April 15th. The April 14th total eclipse will be unique for another reason. During the eclipse the moon will transition from a silvery white color to a copper red, before turning back to the silvery white color. An Astrophysicist says the color change is when some sunlight gets through the Earth’s atmosphere and that light hits the moon. The 2nd total eclipse will be October 8th. There will be a partial eclipse on April 4th, 2015 and a total eclipse on September 27th, 2015.