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BLM releases Business Plan for ISDRA

(BLM taking comments on new plan)…The Bureau of Land Management has completed the Business Plan for the Imperial Sand Dune Recreation Area.

The BLM says the Plan includes adjustments to the Draft Plan, as a result of public comments received last year. The final plan contains the overall financial strategy for managing the Recreation Area, including a proposal for adjusting fees to sustain current levels of emergency medical services, search and rescue, law enforcement, and maintenance necessary for visitor safety in the recreation area. The proposed adjustments for off-site sales would increase weekly fees by $10 and season permits by $60. The new proposed off-site weekly fee would be $35 and the season permit would be $150. Fees would be eliminated from April 15 through September 30, shortening the fee season. The entire plan is available on the BLM website. Comments will be received through June 30th.