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Digital Sources Simplify Color Inspiration And Selection

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - Whether you’re pinning new outfits on Pinterest or soliciting a circle of Facebook  friends for opinions on vacation destinations, expressing yourself, defining  your identity and finding inspiration has never been easier.

Now, selecting  paint colors for your home can be added to the list.

Expert Advice

“Inspiration for color selection can come from anywhere at any time,”   said PPG color expert Dee Schlotter. “With  computers and smartphones becoming more and more  integrated into our daily lives, color is popping up on our screens and  providing the exact inspiration we have been looking to incorporate into our  homes.”

Mobile applications can help make selecting colors fun and easy. Now, you  can digitally find the exact hue at the tip of your fingers no matter where  you go. The ability to view color options through digital capabilities while  surrounded by the comforts of home can assist homeowners in visualizing what  the colors will look like with their furniture, decor and other elements.

Paint-Picking Tips

Here are a few hints to help you select the just-right color for your  home:

• When trying new colors, don’t hold a paint swatch next to a  white wall; hold it next to furniture, window treatments, pillows or other  decor elements to compare how the colors correspond together.

• Try digital tools such as PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ Paint Your  Own Room Visualizer on a tablet. PPG Pittsburgh  Paints is the first company to offer a tool that allows you to snap a picture  on your tablet and pull it onto the Paint Your Own Room Visualizer  to try out colors before you paint. You can try new color trends or your  favorite beige or blue.

• If you appreciate colors you see through social media, blogs and  other digital platforms, you may also like decorating with them. Take a risk:  Try a bold color.

• Visit the Voice of Color, PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ website at, to learn more  about various tools that can help with your next paint project. Smartphone  and iPad applications are also available. The  company’s Online Paint Visualizer lets you  upload a photo of any room and virtually paint the space directly from a  tablet or desktop. You can access the Visualizer at