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Celebrations Of Aviation History Month Are Taking Flight

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - When Orville and Wilbur Wright’s plane lifted off from  its famous spot in Kitty Hawk,    N.C. in 1903, aviation changed  the world forever.

Over the years, aviation has given the world several tremendously  influential role models, from the Wright Brothers to Charles Lindbergh and  Amelia Earhart, who challenged herself to become the first female pilot to  fly around the globe. Much later, there were early astronauts, such as Neil  Armstrong, who would never have landed on the moon if it weren’t for  the pioneering science of aviation.

Aviators have always proven that no matter how high an individual dreams,  with imagination, hard work and perseverance, almost anything is possible.

November is Aviation History Month, making it a great time to let your  children’s imagination take wing and introduce them to the exhilarating  world of flight.

Here are six high-flying activities that parents can enjoy with their  children to celebrate the importance of aviation:

• Visit Museums: Museums  are a great way to get children excited about learning. There are various  aeronautic and aviation venues throughout the United States where your  children can observe actual World War II planes, learn about Apollo 11 by  viewing images of the first man to land on the moon, and even examine  artifacts that were brought down from space.

• Create a Kite: Who  doesn’t recall childhood memories of flying a kite on a beautiful windy  day? Aviation is more than 2,000 years old, with the earliest attempts using  kites and gliders. Leonardo da Vinci drew several  flight designs in the 15th century but never constructed any.  Kites are a fun, inexpensive way for kids to be outside and entertain  themselves. And making your own doesn’t have to be complicated. Start  by searching the Internet for “how to create a kite.” Several  different easy-to-create options pop up.

• Hold Paper Airplane  Competitions: All kids love to make paper airplanes and watch them soar  in the sky. Have contests with your neighbors and friends to see whose can go  the farthest, highest or loopiest. Prizes can be given for the best-flying  and most creative planes.

• Enjoy a Family Movie About  Aviation: So many Disney films have been about dreams coming true, and  everyone dreams of what it would be like to fly! On November 19, the whole  family can take to the skies when Disney’s “Planes”   releases for all to own on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital  HD. Dusty the crop duster has dreams of being a racing plane,  and with hard work and determination, he becomes one of the best to race.  Also perfect for inspiring enthusiasm to learn more about aviation is a bonus  feature hosted by ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, who presents a fun, fast-paced  countdown of some of the greatest aviators in history.

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• Build Your Own Model  Airplane: Inspire your child’s imagination by having him or her  follow in the footsteps of the Wright Brothers. Treat your children to a trip  to the toy store and let them choose their favorite model airplane kit. Spend  the day together building the plane, while at the same time learning all the  different parts that go into an airplane.

• Research the History of  Aviation at the Library: Spend time at your local library and have fun  researching the evolution of aviation and the people who have contributed to  it.

You can then create an interactive experience with your children highlighting  the favorite things they just learned about. First, help them compose a  summary about what they liked best. Later, help them prepare a skit based on  the planes and people they chose, dressing up and utilizing photos, drawings  and even toy planes to share what they’ve found most exciting and  amusing about aviation with others.