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Paper Safer Than Cloth For Household Cleaning

El Centro, California (NAPSI) - A household item that’s often taken for granted your dishcloth can potentially present a serious threat to your family’s health.

That’s because a used dishcloth can redeposit millions of germs after a single day’s use across the surfaces that a family comes in contact with throughout the day.

A Safer Alternative

Fortunately, there is an alternative. That’s the word from Dr. Elizabeth Scott, founder and co-director of the Simmons Center for Hygiene and Health in Home and Community Settings at Simmons College in Boston. She suggests using disposable paper towels instead.

Said Dr. Scott, “To use a paper towel and then throw it away is a very smart thing to do, especially on any surface in your kitchen where you’ve been preparing food.”

A Clothlike Experience

One of the latest developments in paper towels is designed to offer consumers a clothlike cleaning experience.

Bounty has introduced its DuraTowel, a paper towel designed to replace germy dishcloths for a cleaner way to clean. Thick and strong even when wet, a single sheet is intended to be durable enough to tackle tough jobs such as cleaning countertops, sinks and even small appliances.

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