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San Diego County fires

(Fires continue to rage in San Diego)…There is, however, some good news.

Over 125,000 residents were forced to evacuate because of the fires. Officials now say some of those have been allowed to return to their homes. They also say the weather will be much better. Temperatures will not be as high as they have been, humidity will increase a bit, and winds will not be as strong as they have been. On the negative side, the first fatality has been discovered. A badly burned body has been discovered at a homeless camp near Carlsbad. The US Navy has joined the efforts to combat the fires, with helicopters and ground equipment. Imperial County also has two Strike Teams in San Diego. The teams consist of ten engines, with 4 firefighters assigned to each engine. Yuma Fire is part of one of the Strike Teams, sending one engine and four firefighters. They are part of thousands of firefighters sent to help combat the blazes in San Diego County.