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Planned Score off-road race

(Some details released on off-road event)…It is the IV 250 Score International Off-Road Race.

It is scheduled for April 26th. Gary Wyatt with the County Executive Officers Department told the Board of Supervisors it was going to be more than just a race. It was going to be the single largest event in Imperial County History. Wyatt said it is expected to be a 5-day event, leading up to the race in the Superstition Mountain/Plaster City area. Score creator Roger Norman specifically wanted his next major event to be held in the Imperial County. He contacted Marty Coyne, owner of IV Cycle Center, and they began putting the plans together. Wyatt said the race would be held on land owned by Coyne, with the start and finish on privately owned land. Tech inspection will be at the IV Mall, with up to 400 vehicles on-sight for that event. 10-12 helicopters will cover the course, filming the race for ESPN, to be broadcast nationwide. He said the event could generate millions of dollars in revenue for the County. The Supervisors agreed to spend $45,000 of Off Highway vehicle funds to cover public safety and health issues. The OHV funds can only be used for Off-road issues, and could be lost if they are not spent. Local donations from businesses and communities are also being accepted.