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Human Smuggling Operation Busted

Calexico Police and U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested four people in connection with a human smuggling operation in Calexico.

The incident began at about 1:30 PM Friday when a Calexico Police officer went to a residence on Rockwood Street following a concerned citizens call. Officers discovered a group of 13 people crowded in a room and suspected that they were illegal immigrants. The officers than requested assistance from the Border Patrol. It was determined that the 13 people , 2 women and 11 men , ranging in age from 18 to 56-years-of-age , had all illegally entered the United States from Mexico. They were taken to the Calexico Border Patrol Station for processing. There were 4 individuals suspected of coordinating the smuggling operation , a 47-year old woman , a lawfully admitted permanent resident and 3 U.S. citizens , two women , 21 and 22-years old and a 24-year old man. Those 4 were arrested and will be presented for prosecution.