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IID to make early delivery

(IID Board agrees to deliver next year’s mitigation water)…..It will be delivered this year.

The District has excess water from the fallowing program. The Imperial Irrigation District is obligated to replace the water used for transfer, that would have gone to the Salton Sea. It is called mitigation water. The water is created through the Fallowing program. The District’s obligation to deliver mitigation water to the Salton Sea ends in 2017. Tuesday the Directors agreed to deliver next year’s mitigation water early. The IID has pre-delivered mitigation water in prior years, and recent analysis indicates there is pre-2017 playa exposure already occurring at the Salton Sea due to the conservation transfers associated with the Quantification Settlement Agreement. The vote was 4-1. Director Bruce Kuhn voted against the early delivery. Kuhn said he felt it sent the wrong message during the severe drought in the state.