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US Prosecutors creating a burden

(Lack of Federal prosecution is impacting the Yuma County Jail)….. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says US Attorney’s in Arizona are creating a large problem.

They say in October 2014 the Sheriff’s office began tracking a disturbing trend of illegal immigrants apprehended by Federal agents who were committing crimes which the US Attorney’s Office has repeatedly refused to prosecute. They say those crimes were primarily connected to drug smuggling. Since October 2014, Yuma Sheriff’s Office has incarcerated 150 criminal apprehended by Federal Agents at a cost of $980,000, paid by the local taxpayers. The Sheriff’s office says the US Attorney’s refused to prosecute each of those arrested. The Sheriff’s office was forced to step in to enforce state law, or the criminals would have gone free. A more recent trend is Identity theft. Illegal migrants are using stolen identification documents to sneak through checkpoints. There have been 13 such arrests in the past week. Again, the US Attorney’s Arizona Office has refused to prosecute. Again, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office was forced to take the cases, or allow the suspects to go free. Sheriff Leon Wilmot says his office remains committed to upholding the law, but the US Attorney’s refusal to prosecute crimes ranging from drug trafficking to child pornography, it places a significant burden on local governments.