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5k Mud Run with a twist

(A unique Halloween event)…You may want to start planning now.

It is being sponsoring by Proyecto Heber. On October 31, Halloween, they will be hosting a 5k Mud Run. It will not be a regular Mud Run, however. This one will be a Zombie 5k Mud Run and Monster Mile. This 5k Mud Run obstacle will be crawling with Zombies. The race course follows a route through Zombie infested mud fields, parks and the streets of Heber. It will be complete with an Army Boot Camp style obstacles. In addition, there will be other natural and man-made obstacle. Like all Mud Runs, you will need to climb walls and crawl through mud bogs, but unlike other Mud Runs, this one will also have Zombies. There will also be a Human Salvation Party featuring food and beverages, free carnival games for the kids, A DJ, dancing, souvenirs and a great time for everyone. Participation information is available at the Heber Public Utility District office.