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Water conservation campaign

(Water Conservation Campaign)…The IID says they are answering the call from the Governor.

The Imperial Irrigation District and local water providers have announced a joint public outreach campaign that will encourage residential water conservation throughout the Imperial Valley. The campaign has been dubbed IV Conserves. It will feature a new website, Facebook page, Billboards, radio and newspaper announcements, posters and other educational materials. The website will showcase each water provider’s specific restrictions or guidelines, general water savings tips and it will provide direct links to other helpful websites and rebate information. Antonio Ortega, head of the IID government affairs and communication, says after meeting with local city representatives and water providers, they recognized the need for a unified water conservation message. Ortega said they wanted to provide a one-stop shop for residents as they learn about water savings opportunities, while at the same time highlighting efforts already underway across the region and spearheaded by the local partners. The state is in a severe drought. The State Water Resources Control Board has set savings targets for urban water suppliers throughout the state. Imperial Valley water reduction targets are between 24 and 32 percent. For more info go to