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Customers being asked to conserve energy

(IID asking customers to cut energy use)….The Imperial Irrigation District issued a statement Wednesday morning.

They are requesting a reduction in energy usage during the critical hours of 1-7 pm, as hotter temperatures drive energy demand this week. Marion Champion, spokesperson for the District, says IID’s electrical grid sustained significant damage during a severe summer storm last week. She said while the District has restored power to the area, it is important that the energy system is not overtaxed. Champion says IID customers are being asked to shift energy intensive tasks, like laundry and dishwashing, to off-peak hours and conserve energy throughout the day. She says this will alleviate pressure on the system and help maintain reliability, The District suggests thermostats be set at 78 degrees or above, avoid heavy energy use between 1-7 pm, use floor and ceiling fans or an evaporative cooler to help keep your home cool, and make sure windows and doors are closed when the cooling system is running.