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IID Board discusses Apportionment water

(Equitable Distribution Plan Apportionment Reserve)….Much of the unused water placed in the clearinghouse.

This year, the method of apportionment for agricultural lands used the same historical period and straight-line acre-foot per acre amount of 2014, which resulted in 68,000 acre-feet of unapportioned water belonging to the agricultural lands class. Of the unapportioned water, 31,000 acre-feet is attributable to land that was not apportioned water because of delinquencies on water availability or agricultural water service bills. The remaining 37,000 acre-feet is a combination of clean-ups to accounts between the 2014 apportionment and the 2015 apportionment, and the inclusion of an intentionally created reserve for high-water users. Following the presentation by Ben Brock, assistant engineer in the IID water department, the Directors Tuesday voted unanimously to have 20,000 acre-feet of the 37,000 acre-feet of unapportioned agricultural lands water not attributed to delinquencies be moved to the clearinghouse to make it generally available to all agricultural water users requesting additional water.