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Body found in canal identified

(Body found in the All American Canal)…It was found Friday afternoon at around 2:00 pm.

Deputy County Coroner Rodolfo Barron says the body was near the East Highline Canal, a couple miles North of the East Port of Entry. Barron said the body had no signs of foul play. The Deputy Coroner said when he returned to his office, he received a call from a Mexicali woman. She asked if any unidentified bodies had been found in the past week. She said her husband had left home Monday April 13th with plans to cross the border illegally near the East Port. She told Barron she had not heard from him since he left his house in Mexicali. The Deputy Coroner had her come to the Coroner’s office. The woman was able to identify the objects found with the body, and make a positive identification of the body. The victim was 27-year-old Rafael Humberto Barrera Juarez. The spouse said she had reported her husband missing with Mexicali authorities and the Mexican Consulate. Barron says an autopsy is pending for Tuesday to try and determine the exact cause of death.