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Comments prepared for Salton Sea Workshop

(County discusses comments)….They are to be submitted by noon Wednesday.

The comments are to be submitted to the State Water Resources Control Board at their March 18 Public Hearing. That hearing is to discuss the status of the Salton Sea and the revised order issued by state board in 200s. Comments were prepared by the County and the Air Pollution Control District. The County comments focus on the devastation that would occur if the State does not assist in the restoration of the Salton Sea. They say failure to act will result in tens of thousands of acres of exposed dust producing playa would significantly impact the local air quality. The Supervisors say it is imperative that the State Board act now as time is running out before the mitigation water to the Salton Sea runs out in 2017. They say negative impacts will result to local residents health, the economy and quality of life. The APCD comments focus on the increased levels of PM 10 and PM 2.5 from the anticipated exposed playa. They also offer a plan on how the State Water Board can promote implementation of a reasonable and sustainable plan to address the air, wildlife and water quality problems at the Salton Sea.