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IV 250 another success

(Thousands witness off-road event)….It was the Rigid Industries SCORE Imperial Valley 250.

It was held in the desert Saturday. The initial crowd was small, but the first vehicles were released at 5:30 Saturday morning. As the day progressed, the crowd grew. A good-sized crowd was on hand in the hot temperatures to witness the Trophy Truck event at 3:00 in the afternoon. They were treated to an interesting race. Mexico’s Gustavo Vildosola Jr. was released first. He was over-taken during the close to 250-mile event by one of the favorites, Stephen Eugenio. Five miles from the finish, Vildosola found Eugenio had broken down. Voldolosa cruised to the Trophy Truck victory. The Class 40 Montoya Team took the overall Motorcycle victory and Shelby Reid wins in Class 1. The third annual event was presented by the City of El Centro.