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Food gathering championship

(3rd Annual Local Food Gathering Championship underway)….It is a friendly competition that will benefit a lot of people.

The annual competitors are the US Border Patrol, El Centro Sector, Naval Air Facility, El Centro and US Customs and Border Protection at the Calexico Ports of Entry The Feds Feed Families Ultimate Food Gathering Championship is a local competition that started 3 years ago between the NAF and the El Centro Sector Border Patrol. The CBP joined the competition last year, and they wound up winning the competition. The competition is to see who can collect more food products for the Imperial Valley Food Bank. Since the competition began, over 150,000 pounds of food have been donated to the local food bank on behalf of the local federal agencies involved. This year’s runs through the month of September. The Food Bank says they are short by roughly half a million pounds compared to last year’s donations.