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Salton Sea in the news

(Salton Sea gets national attention)…The Washington Post has published an article on the beleaguered Salton Sea.

The article was picked up by MSN News on the Internet. The article outlines the history of the largest lake in California, and it details the current problems in efforts to restore the Salton Sea. Most importantly the article includes the environmental disaster that will probably occur in 2017. That is when mitigation water is to stop, allowing the water to recede, exposing more and more playa. It is feared the toxic sediment on the lakebed will dry up and turn to dust. The fear is that the dust will be picked up by the wind and carried throughout the Imperial County, possibly reaching Mexicali, and when the wind shifts, the toxic dust could be carried into Riverside County, as well. The article does not offer any solutions to the problems facing the Salton Sea, but it does conclude something must be done, sooner than later.