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CHP Officer Saves Baby

A California Highway Patrol Officer saved the life of a 1-year old boy late New Years Eve.

According to the CHP , 30-year old Itza Perea of Imperial , was southbound on Highway 86 near Barioni Blvd in Imperial , when her 1-year old son began gasping for air and convulsing. Mrs. Perea spotted the El Centro California Highway Patrol Area Office and pulled into the parking lot. Mrs Perea attempted to go into the office but the door was locked. She then began screaming , “ Please help me! My baby is dying! He’s choking.” Officer Sal Acevedo was near the end of his shift and was in the office working on reports when the dispatcher told him what was going on outside. Officer Acevedo responded to the front door , noticed the baby was unconscious and not breathing , and performed life-saving measures to remove the object that was choking the baby. The baby regained consciousness and started crying. Both Mrs. Perea and the baby were transported to the hospital.