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Ambulance strike is over

(Gold Cross Ambulance Strike lasted 62 days)….Unofficially, it was the longest EMT strike ever in the United States.

That may not be anything to brag about. The National Labor Relations Board held a 3-day vote after some Ambulance employees filed a request to decertify the Union, the Teamsters Local 542. The totals were counted late last week. The result was 51-35 to decertify the Union. Without a Union, the strike came to an end. Teamster’s Local rep, Ruth Duarte, said employees will have to wait a year before they can vote to unionize, again. Duarte said the local will continue to push the County to allow more than one ambulance service to cover this area. Gold Cross officials have said they do not plan on re-hiring any of the employees that went out on strike. At least one county official has said that decision may hurt contract negotiations in 2015.