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X-rays and info missing

(ECRMC is missing some x-rays)…They have notified most of their patients.

The El Centro hospital was notified that x-rays ECRMC had provided to a trusted vendor for digitization and destruction were missing from a storage warehouse and may not have been properly destroyed. Hospital officials say a thorough internal investigation was initiated to determine what happened to the x-rays, but has been unable to find the missing x-rays. The Hospital officials say they have not been able to make contact with the vendor. The Radiology films and records are for dates of service prior to February 2011. As a precaution, El Centro Regional Medical Center began sending letters to affected patients on May 7 to let them know what occurred. The hospital says they have no information that any of the missing documents were improperly viewed or accessed, or that any of the information in the documents has been misused in any way. ECRMC is urging eligible patients who may be affected to use the resources the hospital is providing to check their credit and sign up for free credit monitoring. Information on the missing documents may include; names, birth dates, addresses, medical record numbers, ECRMC account numbers, physicians names, diagnosis, Radiology procedures, health insurance number and in some instances, social security numbers.