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Supervisors request of options in lingering strike

(Supervisors concerned with strike)….Gold Cross Ambulance employees went on strike July 28th.

Some Supervisors said Tuesday the longer it drags on, the situation just seems to be getting worse. They admitted the contingency plan in place is working fine, so far. But they expressed concern. They questioned what would happen if the contingency plan failed. How would local residents suffer. County Executive Officer Ralph Cordova said the contingency plan in operation is that of the Gold Cross Ambulance service. He said the County also has a contingency plan. He said the county plan would be implemented, if the current plan fails for any reason. Supervisor Jack Terrazas wanted to know what would happen if the county revoked the current Gold Cross contract. County Counsel Michael Rood was asked to prepare a report on the Supervisor’s options if the strike continues. Rood said the report would be ready for discussion at the next Board meeting.