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Wednesday storm damage minimal

(Wednesday’s storm considered mild)…As compared to previous storms.

The late morning storm rolled through Yuma, Imperial and Mexicali Vallies, bringing thunder, lightening and rain. The National Weather Service says they measured rainfall at 0.13 inches, with wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. Damage was minimal. Power outages were reported in Calexico. Flooding forced the closure of Ogilby Road. There was a scare in Yuma. It was reported that lightening struck a building at Cibola High School. The building was occupied at the time. The lightening strike knocked bricks off the building, but apparently that was the only damage caused. Paramedics were called in and they examined all the students that had been in the building when the strike occurred. No injuries were reported. Inspectors were also called, and they determined the building had not suffered severe structural damage, and classes in the building could resume.