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Cash seized going into Mexicali

(Over $650,000 seized)….The currency was headed south.

The Imperial Valley Border Enforcement Security Task Force was inspecting traffic heading south into Mexicali over the Labor Day Weekend. At around 5:45 in the morning over the weekend, officers targeted a 2011 Toyota Tacoma for a more detailed search. A detector dog alerted to the vehicle. Officers used the Downtown Calexico Port’s imaging system. They discovered 24 wrapped packages of US currency concealed inside the vehicle’s spare tire. It totaled $655,000. The driver of the vehicle, a 45-year-old Mexican citizen living in Tecate, was turned over to Homeland Security Investigation agents for further processing. He was later transported to Imperial County Jail to await arraignment. An immigration hold was placed on the driver to initiate removal from the United States at the conclusion of his criminal proceedings. It is a federal offense not to declare to a CBP officer currency or monetary instruments totaling more than $10,000 when entering or exiting the Country.