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Union goes before Board of Supervisors, again

(Union takes pickets downtown)…Teamsters Local 542 led a picket line to the County Administration Center.

The striking Gold Cross Ambulance services employees have kept their picket line pretty much on Imperial Avenue, mostly in front of the Gold Cross offices. Tuesday the pickets marched in front of the County building until the Board of Supervisors began taking public comment. A handful of strikers sat in the audience while local union representative Ruth Duarte addressed the Board. She said it was time the County got involved and pressured Gold Cross to a resolution to the labor dispute. Duarte later said the union felt Gold Cross was in breach of their contract with the county, basically because they allowed the dispute to continue more than 7 days. The next round of talks are scheduled for August 20th in Glendale, near Los Angeles. Gold Cross management did not attend the meeting and have said they would not speak to the media while the labor dispute was going on.