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The search continues for suspect

(The search for Dimaggio continues)….The first ever cell phone Amber Alert was issued Monday evening.

The alert said 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother Ethan had been abducted. The suspect was listed as 40-year-old James Lee Dimaggio. Investigators in San Diego say the Amber Alert was issued Monday after the children’s grandmother reported them missing, but they are not sure of the exact time the abduction took place. They say that means Dimaggio could have had a large head start on investigators, and he could be anywhere in the nation. The suspect’s family says he may be in Texas, since he has roots there. Dimaggio is also suspected of setting his house on fire Sunday night. Two bodies were found inside the Boulevard home, that of the mother of the abducted children and that of a child, the child’s body has not been identified. Investigators say it may be Ethan, but they are holding out hope it is not. DNA test results will not be returned for a couple days. Investigators say a reported sighting of the suspect vehicle in California has not been confirmed. In fact, they say there have been no confirmed sightings. The father of the children, Brett Anderson, issued a plea Tuesday evening for Dimaggio to release his daughter. Dimaggio was reportedly a close friend of the Anderson family.