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QSA agreements validated

(QSA agreements upheld)…The court decision ends years of litigation.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Lloyd Connelly ruled Wednesday that the 12 Quantification Settlement Agreements were legally valid and enforceable. The decision ends decades of bitter litigation filed against the QSA and its validation. In addition, the judge ruled the Imperial Irrigation District, San Diego County Water Authority, the state of California and other water agencies should recover their legal costs from Imperial County, Landowners and others who participated in the legal actions filed against the QSA. Among the agreements validated with the QSA was the water transfer with San Diego. The Water Authority in San Diego was pleased with Connelly’s decision, saying the QSA was the cornerstone of San Diego County’s water supply, and the final order Wednesday validates 8 years of work crafting an agreement and 10 years of implementation to help sustain the region’s $188 billion economy for decades to come. Thomas Wornham, Chair of the San Diego County Water Authority’s Board, said the Authority was committed to meeting all of its obligations under the QSA to the benefit of all involved.