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No new offers to end the strike

(The strike continues)….60 Gold Cross Ambulance personnel went on strike early Sunday morning.

So far, there has been no movement in the contract negotiations. Both sides are a little bitter, accusing each other of not negotiating in good faith. Management says they suspect some of their equipment was sabotaged in the days leading to the strike. Officials with Teamsters Local 542 say, while there was some progress in negotiations over the past six months, there are still four main issues that need to be addressed. A pay increase, protected heath benefits, safe and reliable equipment. Management has said publicly the union says they are seeking a $1.00 per hour pay raise, but behind closed doors the demand is higher. Monday management reportedly said the $1.00 increase demand was too much. The pressure is on management, since they could lose their County contract if the level of service provided decreases for an extended period of time. The County says their contingency plan is currently in effect, and full ambulance service is being provided to residents.