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IVC gets a warning, but it was expected

(IVC receives a warning)….School officials say they are good with that.

Imperial Valley College President Victor Jaime says the warning is officially a sanction, but it was what they were hoping for. The warning comes from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. The Commission took the action at their June meeting. Jaime says the warning is what they had hoped for at IVC given the fiscal challenges they have faced over the past several years. He said the status is the lowest sanction that is issued and did not come as any surprise. Jaime says IVC remains fully accredited and will continue to work on the fiscal issues. He said the fact that a vice President on the Commission, Susan Clifford, was part of the IVC evaluation is unprecedented and truly shows the confidence the commission has on IVC’s ability to provide a quality education. Following the evaluation in March, Clifford praised the local College on the quality of student learning and the partnership IVC has with San Diego State University/Imperial Valley Campus. The team was critical, however, of IVC on fiscal planning issues, stating the College could do a better job of balancing its expenses and revenues to keep from using its reserve fund. IVC was one of six Community Colleges to receive a warning following their evaluations.