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Threat of fire did not materialize

(Fire was a real threat)…..County Fire Chief says people were very well behaved.

Because of the recent excessive heat, vegetation was very dry in the County. Several communities in the County, including Brawley, Calexico, Calipatria, Holtville and Westmorland all allowed the sale of fireworks this year. The combination of dry conditions and easy availability created the threat. Chief Rouhotas says his Department considered the threat very real. He said extra personnel were deployed, especially around the campus of Imperial Valley College. Friday morning the Chief was happy to report no fires were reported during, before or after the 4th of July celebrations. Rouhotas said a few people were asked to refrain from setting off their fireworks as it was still illegal in the County. He said a few others were instructed to set their fireworks off in the city of purchase. The Chief the warnings were not considered anything more than everyday issues. He said residents were very well behaved and no one took exception to the few warnings that were issued.