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Railroad Work Progresses

The Pacific Imperial Railroad is working on revitalizing the Desert Line.

The Line runs from Imperial County to the Mexican border near Campo , California. The Pacific Imperial Railroad has leased the right-away from the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Authority with plans to operate freight service on the 69.9 mile line , linking up with rail service in Mexico to connect to Tiajuana. Pacific Imperial recently made a $500,000 lease payment to MTS and is proceeding with it's reconstruction plans. An assessment of the condition of 57 bridges is part of the plan. Initial repairs are expected to be completed by December of this year with testing of trains by January of 2014. The line is expected to have limited operations within three years and full scale operation within five years. Another $500,000 lease payment is due in January 2014 with $1 million or 15% of gross operating revenue due in every year of the lease , which can be up to 99 years. The Desert Line was originally built by John D. Spreckels from 1906 to 1919 at a cost of $18 million.