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Heat wave moving in

(Record heat expected later this week)…A heat wave is moving into the County.

The National Weather Service says temperatures will begin increasing Wednesday, and they could reach a record for this time of by the weekend. Temperatures could hit 119 degrees Friday and into the weekend. It is being suggested residents find a Cool Center in their community. There are 30 Cool Centers in the County. It is suggested residents contact the Imperial County Public Health Department or go to their web site, and obtain a list of the Cool Centers that will be open this week and into the weekend. The lists are reportedly available in English and Spanish. For those who must be out doors during the heat; stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Stay in the shade, as much as possible. Wear light, loose fitting clothes. Those who work outside should take repeated breaks. If you feel weak-kneed and or nauseous contact medical assistance immediately.