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Food competition

(Calexico maintains lead in food competition)…It is part of the Feds Feed Families program.

A friendly competition began two weeks ago between the Calexico Ports of Entry. Local Border Patrol and the Naval Air Facility, El Centro. The competition is to see who can collect the most food for the Imperial Valley Food Bank. The Calexico Ports are new to the competition. In the first week, Calexico led the other two entities. The second week is now over, and the results are the same. Calexico Ports have collected 38.86 pounds of food per person participating. NAF is second with 28.08 pounds collected per person. El Centro Sector Border Patrol is a distant third, with just 9.95 pounds of food collected per person. The Feds Feed Families is a national event designed to help locals feed the hungry. Since the local competition began last year, 100,000 pounds of food have been collected for donation to the local Food Bank.