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Agents seize over 100 pounds of cocaine

(Mexican Consulate employee busted)…Border Patrol agents found over 100 pounds of cocaine in his vehicle.

Jose Moreno Serrano was a low level employee at the Consulate in Yuma at the time of his arrest. Homeland Security says the man was already under suspicion, after Officers at the border discovered hidden compartments in his vehicle in December. A GPS system was placed in the vehicle at that time. Agents were recently tracking the vehicle and became suspicious. The suspect was pulled over and agents conducted an extended border search. Inside the compartments they found 101.1 pounds of cocaine, with a street value of $2.7 million. Following the arrest, the Consulate terminated their contract with Moreno Serrano and he will not be provided legal assistance from the Mexican Government in the pending case. The suspect had used his SENTRI card to transport the narcotics into the United States. Agents say he was paid $4,000 to smuggle the cocaine across the border.