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County discussing court ruling behind closed doors

(County discusses court decision in closed session)…The 53 page decision was handed down last week.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Connelly’s decision favored the Imperial Irrigation District, approving validation of the Quantification Settlement Agreement, signed in 2003. It also ruled against the so-called coordinated cases, or litigation filed against the validation process. Those cases were led by the Imperial County and several others. County Legal Counsel Michael Rood said the Judges decision was very lengthy and dealt with more than validation of the QSA. He said his office has been going over the 53-page ruling with the Counties contracted attorneys, and the closed session discussion is to update the Board of Supervisors on the conclusions and options. One Board member said one of the options being looked at is an appeal of Judge Connelly’s decision. Saying details of discussion will not be revealed, the issue of mitigating damage to the Salton Sea created by water transfers approved through the QSA was too important to let go. The County and the IID began negotiations on ways to deal with the damage exposed playas would create began before the court decision was reached, and the District has said those talks would continue despite the court ruling.