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San Diego Water Authority sues MWD, again

(The Big Boys are fighting, again)…The San Diego County Water Authority has filed another lawsuit against the MWD.

The lawsuit was filed recently. It is the third challenge against rates set by Metropolitan Water District. The MWD is contracted to deliver water to San Diego. The lawsuit alleges that MWD’s rates for 2015 and 2016 are not based on the costs of providing the services. San Diego says, if allowed to stand, MWD’s rates for those two years alone would overcharge San Diego ratepayers by $92 million. They say over 45 years, the total overcharges by MWD would exceed $2 billion. The latest lawsuit follows what San Diego calls a sweeping victory for San Diego in the first phase of litigation in two similar lawsuits challenging MWD’s rates. The San Diego Water Authority General Manager Maureen Stapleton says even after a major legal defeat, MWD continues clinging to its belief that it can set rates however it wants.